DP Training

DP Nautical Ltd provides NI accredited or approved Courses, as per the NI standards or bespoke training suited to our client’s requirements. Such training can be provided at Centres located in London, Singapore, and Busan.



All our DP instructors have been Master Mariners with more then five year’s of training experience.

Most have been Masters onboard Offshore Vessels of various types, from high-end drilling and dive support vessels to offshore support, pipelay, and cable lay vessels and have worked with a wide range of DP systems. The learning experience can be tuned individually to the student’s needs on Kongsberg, Marine Technologies, and GE/Converteam systems.

Learning Management System

The Centre is preparing a LMS that will be accessible online to our students or collaborators.

Available Courses

Approved/Accredited training
Nautical Institute – DP Operator Induction and Simulator courses.
DP Re-validation Course
Dive & Construction Vessel Management
Sea Time Reduction Course
DP Technical Course for Engineers

  • DP Appreciation & FMEA Course
  • DP Dive & Construction Vessel Management Course
  • Offshore Vessel Ship handling Course,
  • Assessment & Enhancement of Competence