Bespoke Maritime Training Simulator – Image Generator (IG) offered by DP Nautical Ltd, helps in improving the operational logistics and enhancing performance across the board. The image generator can be integrated to various types of maritime simulation systems such as DP Simulators, integrated with specified NMEA string protocol.

We have previous experience in integration with Marine Technology, GE and Kongsberg DP Systems at Centres accredited by the Nautical Institute, besides supporting an R&D project in Korea. In the recent past, we have worked with MTI Singapore directly under a non-disclosure agreement, which would be equally applicable to other system manufacturers.


The trainees can visualize and evaluate the results of their ocean vehicle manoeuvring actions directly on a monitor as 3D visuals, enhancing realism and learning value. Third party RADAR and ECDIS packages could also be integrated.

Advanced DP Simulator

Practical operation of the DP system, Simulated DP operations including errors faults & failures, DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures.

Portable / Onboard DP Simulator

Built for true enthusiasts with our expertise in professional simulators, DP Portable Simulator will make ship simulation available for everyone.

Multiple sensor data such as GPS, Gyro and Rate of Turn, transmitted by the Marine Technologies (MT ) DP simulator as standard NMEA messages are integrated with the IG.
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Interactive Learning

New and veteran operators can work online at their own pace
Introduce training content that will be reinforced on the simulator
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Multi-media approach enables effective knowledge transfer

Instructor Station Features

Scenario creation tool for creating various geo-specific simulations
Scenario selection and running the simulation
Control various simulation related features

IG Features

Ge-spatial terrain and ocean rendering
3D ocean simulation with different sea states
Ship wakes, propeller backwash effects and impact simulation
Smooth coastline blending and breaking waves along shorelines